We concentrate in

IMMIGRATION – Asylum, court representation, petitions for your family members, applications for legal permanent resident status and naturalization.

Asylum: If you’ve been persecuted based on your religious beliefs (Christians, Roman Catholics), family planning laws in China, voicing your political beliefs, practicing Falun Gong, or any other manner, and you arrived under one year in the U.S., you may be eligible to apply for asylum status.

Court representation: If you have received a notice to appear in immigration court, we can represent you in any state in the U.S. We also do bond proceedings and parole requests for aliens who are detained by ICE.

Petitions for your family members: If you have legal permanent resident status, U.S. Citizen or asylee, we can help you to apply for certain members of your family.

Applications for legal permanent resident: We can help you apply for green card status if you are eligible – by marriage, petitioned by a relative with status, 1 year after being granted asylum, employment, investment in the U.S., etc.

Matrimonial – Uncontested Divorce and International Divorce

CRIMINAL – If you have been arrested, we can provide you qualified and experienced representation. New York State only.